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Things are always changing in our Gallery.  New work is being made, glazed and fired essentially every day.  In fact, every time there is a kiln to unload, beautiful new pieces go straight onto the shelves so…BE SURE TO COME TO OUR GALLERY OFTEN

      Connie Pike Pottery and Bob Pike Metal Studios, and their Art and Fine Craft Gallery are located 25 minutes south of Calgary, Alberta in the town of High River, Alberta.  Both Bob and Connie started working with clay in 1971 and have been together as a team since 1978. Over the years they have used well over 1/4 million pounds of clay (111,000 k) making numerous styles of functional stoneware and porcelain pottery, hand-made custom tiles, lamps and architectural murals.Connie works with high fired porcelain making functional ware, casseroles, French butter dishes, dinnerware, mugs, platters, vases, jugs, berry bowls, cream and sugar sets, bowls, teapots, canister sets, lasagna pans, baking dishes, goblets, gravy jugs, honey jars, cookie jars, utensil jars and one of a kind pieces.

    Due to environmental sensitivities, Bob now works in metal, making gates, Art Boxes, tables and assorted architectural accents. Their work has been recognized by the Alberta Art Foundation and their pieces have been purchased by customers from the far reaches of the world.

    The Pikes' gallery and studio is quite a place to visit and anyone is sure to walk out knowing much more about working with clay or metal and the creative process in general. Bob and Connie will show you around their studios and explain how basic materials can be transformed into a work of art or a utilitarian piece of pottery to use in your home. They also give tours to groups by appointment. Pike Studios is a working studio and the gallery is open anytime they are there working which is most everyday. You are advised to phone the day before if you plan to come to make sure they will be there to accommodate you.

Pike Pottery & Metal Studios

This PayPal account is created for workshops and sales for pickup in High River....It can also work for gift certificates.

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Antiques of the Future

High River, Alberta, South of Calgary

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Pike Studios 2018 Sales

June 16-24

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Organize your own Two Hour Pottery Hand building Workshops-with a potluck lunch.Get 10 people and book a workshop...Skill required is that you like to work with your hands.  Saturday-9:45-11:45 -Make a mug or a jug or a vase or a bowl (everyone makes the same shape) using wooden stamps - $40- 1:00-3-Make a Fairy House-$40 (Students should be15 years and older) Register by phoning 403-652-5255 or send email to info@pikestudios.commailto:info@pikestudios.commailto:info@pikestudios.comPottery_Classes.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1
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