Since 1971,  I have been working in clay and since 1978 I have been making  my full-time living  as a functional potter. Over the years my ideas and concepts continually develop and change - as one goal is reached another lies ahead.  Good design and function are important to me and I constantly challenge myself to achieve this.  I am essentially a utilitarian potter. I want my work to have a strong contemporary feel. This contemporary  feeling comes from extensive glaze development and commitment to clay, exploring  many aspects of its technical challenges. I love the rich colors  that cone 10 glazes (high fire 2380˚F) give to my  white porcelain clay  body and I love opening  the kiln to discover new glaze tests.   Will the glaze reveal texture on a piece? Will it run on a vertical piece if combined with another glaze? What kind of a piece can I put it on? All the choices and the answers for me come from exploration and more testing.

I am constantly craving for more knowledge, aware of other media which can enhance my endeavors, and looking for new ways to express my creative abilities. My wish is that the beauty and passion of what I do will shine through the pieces I create and will enrich people’s everyday lives.

Connie's Work

Azure, Carmel and More